Must-Have Ice Crushers of 2018

Your favorite season is here and it is hotter than ever. During warm summer days, picture yourself sipping on a cold drink in the afternoon to refresh after a hard day at work. In order for this dream to materialize, you will need an ice machine and an ice crusher. Furthermore, if your garden hosts parties and family reunions every summer, you should definitely purchase these two items that promise to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

An ice machine will spare you all those drives to the supermarket to buy bags of ice and the new ice crusher will help you obtain smooth ice to chill everyone’s drinks. This way, your social gathering will be a success. The ice crusher will help transform bigger blocks of ice into any ice texture you want for snow cones or frozen drinks. Search for additional information about ice makers and ice crushers to learn more about how you could improve your summer gatherings.

1. Costzon Ice Electric Crusher, Stainless Steel Ice Cone Shaver

This machine both makes and crushes ice. You can take it wherever you need it - in the park, at a picnic, on the boat or at a garden party. The ice chute features a funnel design, making it easier for you to add ice. By just touching a button, this device will easily crush the ice for you. It is extremely easy to use and clean, producing the crushed ice you need for your iced tea and beverages.

2. Goplus Electric Ice Crusher

You will be surprised by the efficiency of this small ice crusher which is perfect for your backyard party. It will help obtain exquisite slushed and frozen drinks for all the guests. However, you should know that this is a manual machine. Hence, you will no longer waste batteries power or electricity when preparing the drinks. The device features an aluminum anodized hopper, a strong heavy base and a casing. This ice crusher can be used in bars, restaurants, cafés, snack stands and parties. Furthermore, you can also find it at an affordable price.

3. Zalik Ice Crusher 430 Stainless Steel Blade

Your summer parties are about to get even colder with this incredible ice crusher. It is very durable, and simple to utilize. Furthermore, it is compact and easy to transport, making easier to take it with you when fishing or camping. Do not stress about changing its batteries from time to time since this is a manual device. Even children are able to safely use it, helping them to make those colorful ice cones they have been craving for. You just have to turn the crack on the right to obtain fine ice bits. By turning it to the left, you will obtain fine coarse pieces of ice. The device features a non-slip suction bottom base to prevent slipping from any surface.

4. Zeny Ice Crusher

This electric ice crusher is one of the best. It is the right fit for any office, home or family restaurant. Its heavy case iron base ensures durability and stability. The stainless steel blades can crush and shave the ice for as long as you want to. The device has a 300 watts motor which spins at 1400 rpm. Furthermore, it has a safety cover to prevent accidental starting and a waterproof on/off switch.

5. Great Northern Premium Ice Shaver 251

Within an hour, you can shave about 350 pounds of ice when you use this incredible ice shaver. Therefore, your big party will be extraordinary and everyone will have a good time since the drinks will be kept cool. This device is made of durable brass and stainless steel, featuring a heavy-duty 1/3 hp electric motor. Since the motor rotates at 1725 rpm, it can generate about 6 pounds of ice in just one minute.

6. Hawaiian S900A Shaved Ice Machine 1145

Now you can shave and crush ice to prepare the perfect drinks and cocktails. Hawaiian S900A Shaved Ice Machine’s stainless blades can work with different ice sizes. Furthermore, the device is easy to clean and store since it can be disassembled. You just have to press a button and obtain several pounds of fluffy ice.

Any ice crusher from this list will make a good choice, improving any summer party, family gatherings or even customers. You can always buy one of these ice crushers for a small business in order to make cold drinks for the clients. Keep in mind the main the features you have to look at when going shopping. This device will work hand in hand with your ice making machine, turning your hot summer days into cool party days.

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