Best Ceramic Cookware 2018: Top 5+ Recommended and Reviews 2018

When it comes to cookware, it pays to have the best. After all, cookware is what we use to cook everything we eat so worrying about getting the healthiest option possible is only natural.

Plenty of things have been said about Teflon and while the debate still rages, it’s generally accepted that, when scratched, it can release chemicals in your food which can lead to health problems.

This is one of the biggest reasons behind the boom of ceramic cookware.

Read below to find the best ceramic cookware sets out there.


What is Ceramic Cookware?

ceramic cookware sets

Ceramic is a relatively new material used in the creation of nonstick cookware. It is considered a safer, more ecofriendly option than Teflon, as well as a generally more visually appealing option.

While it has plenty of benefits –such as its safe non-stick coating, a longer lifespan and a less reactive surface– it also has its downsides or rather, it’s needs.

Because it’s different than regular non-stick cookware ceramic needs a certain kind of treatment, such as cooking without oil whenever possible and gentle hand washing, amongst other things.

What To Consider When Buying Ceramic Cookware Sets

ceramic cookware sets

That depends.

While some people are very Gung-ho about cooking only with the very best options out there, others tend to regard their needs before they make the switch to ceramic and we recommend you do the same.

What should you consider before making the switch to ceramic, if you decide to make the switch at all? Here are some ideas to choose the best ceramic cookware sets.

  • What Kind Of Food Do I Cook More Often?

We’ve already mentioned that ceramic doesn’t do well when cooking with all and the same goes when cooking with high-heat. If you regularly cook foods that require the highest heat settings, such as a stir fry, you’re better off using other kinds of cookware, such as cast iron.

  • Do I like how it looks?

While appearances aren’t everything, remember that you’ll be using your cookware just about every day of your life so it pays to get something you like looking at.

Ceramic cookware is generally regarded as being one of the prettiest cooking utensils you can get but it’s all about your personal preference.

  • Can I Handle It Properly?

This is the kind of question you should ask yourself about just about everything you buy for your kitchen. However, it goes double for ceramic cookware because it tends to be a little more fragile than others.

Dropping and accidentally banging your cookware can damage it so you want to make sure the handles fit your hands nicely, that the pots and pans aren’t too heavy for you and that you can use everything efficiently.

  • How Was It Made?

It might not seem obvious but ceramic cookware isn’t entirely made out of ceramic. After all, ceramic isn’t particularly conductive on its own.

Because of this, most ceramic cookware tends to have aluminum, copper or even steel bottoms. Each of these materials has different properties so you want to do some research about them to make sure you’re getting the best for you.

  • What Does It Include?

This goes without saying but changing cookware isn’t cheap, even if you make an effort to buy the most affordable brands. Because of this you should always look at what your cookware sets include.

Keep in mind that ceramic is easily scratched so wood and plastic utensils are often better when it comes to this kind of cookware. Because of this, a set that includes not only pots and pans but also plastic spatulas, for example, are definitely worth considering.

The same goes for steamers, lids and any other “add-on” you can think of. If you’re going to do the change, then make sure you’re getting the most from your money.

Talking about money…

  • Can I Pay For It?

Let’s face it, decent cookware isn’t exactly cheap.

We’re not even talking about high-end, luxurious sets of cookware that promise to practically cook by themselves. No.

Even the simplest cookware tends to be rather pricey and this is particularly true for ceramic.

This doesn’t mean you won’t find a set that fits your budget but rather that you should be prepared to spend more than you had planned, just in case.

Of course, if you can’t afford changing your entire cookware from one day to the other and you don’t mind waiting a little, there’s always the possibility of replacing your cookware piece by piece.

It’s a bit of a lengthy process but it’s an option you should also consider. (Even though, in the long run, you’ll probably end up paying more)


Now that we’ve talked about the advantages of ceramic cookware, the reasons why people choose it and what you should consider before buying it, it’s time to give a look at the best ceramic cookware sets the market has to offer.

GreenLife 14 Piece Nonstick Ceramic Cookware Set with Soft Grip, Turquoise

via Amazon

This is a great starter set for those just getting familiar with ceramic cookware, as the pieces in this set are lightweight, resistant and gorgeous to look at.

The accessories as this set comes with plastic utensils you can use without fear of scratching your brand new cookware.


  • Easy to clean
  • Oven safe (Up to 350 degrees)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • ​Nonstick
  • Great to look at


  • Can’t handle high heat without some outside damage
  • The ‘cool handles’ tend to get a little hot and if you’re not careful with the fire they might even burn.
  • Not scratch resistant

  • The best thing about this set, at least in my humble opinion, as it comes in black, silver and turquoise colors that are bound to give a lot of personality to your kitchen.

GreenPan Wood-Be 10 Piece Aluminum Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set

via Amazon

If you assume the first thing I’m going to talk about when it comes to this set is its looks then you’re absolutely correct. This set, though small, is absolutely gorgeous and that alone gives it plenty of points.

I mean, just look at those wood accent handles!

While this set isn’t exactly the most versatile, and it lacks any kind of accessories –such as spatulas– it does come with a handy steamer insert that drastically increases the number of things you can cook in these.


  • Gorgeous!
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Comes with steamer insert


  • Not versatile, has very few pieces.
  • It doesn’t work well with high heat, as most ceramic cookware pieces.
  • Not compatible with induction stovetops.
  • Easy to scratch.

  • This cookware is dishwasher safe and it seems like they’re also oven safe but, to be honest, I didn’t tried that. This set was much too pretty to risk it.

Cook N Home NC-00358 Nonstick Ceramic Coating 10-Piece Cookware Set

via Amazon

This is a very budget friendly cookware set that can be purchased by just about any family or individual. In fact, it is so budget friendly it might scare you a little (particularly when you compare it with other sets) but I promise you not a bit of quality was sacrificed in exchange for that price.

This set is relatively simple, as it doesn’t include any accessories other than the glass lids but it makes it up in efficiency as this particular set has an aluminum base so it reacts particularly well to temperature changes.


  • Sturdy
  • Nice to look at
  • Very non-stick
  • Affordable


  • Not induction compatible
  • It doesn’t include any accessories
  • It chips easily on the outside.
  • Not dishwasher or oven safe.

  • While I wouldn’t recommend it for foods that need to be cooked in high heat, this responsiveness means you can cook sensitive ingredients and more complicated recipes that require a perfect control of temperature.
  • Unfortunately, the outside coat does seem to chip rather easily but other than that? I had no problem with the insides which, after all, is what really counts.

Calphalon 10 Piece Ceramic Nonstick Cookware Set


While not the most affordable product on this list, or the most versatile for that matter, the Calphalon makes up for the lack of accessories with the quality of their pots and pans.

This rather simple set, which includes frying pans, sauce pans, sauté pans and a Dutch oven (as well as their lids) is a pleasure to cook with in just about every sense of the world.

This set is solidly built, resistant, easy to clean, easy to cook with and eco-friendly, which in today’s green conscious world is always a plus.

While it has the same limitations as other ceramic cookware sets (such as the inability to handle high heat and the need to use little to no oil when cooking with them) this cookware is very responsive to temperature changes which makes cooking difficult ishes a very enjoyable experience.


  • Oven safe
  • Easy to clean
  • Very non-stick
  • Nice to look at
  • Sturdy handles


  • Not dishwasher safe (Needs to be hand washed)
  • It has very few pieces
  • No accessories
  • Not induction compatible

  • The best thing about this set? It’s oven safe so you’ll be able to do even more with everything included here!
  • That said, there aren’t any accessories so you’re going to want to buy some extras for this set. Remember, plastic and wood works much better when it comes to ceramic.

T-fal C921SE Initiatives Nonstick Ceramic Coating PTFE PFOA and Cadmium Free Scratch Resistant Dishwasher Safe Oven Safe Cookware Set


We’re wrapping up this list with one of my favorite ceramic cookware sets and I’m excited to tell you about this.

While unassuming, this is a very complete and promising set that has just about anything you could need to cover your basic cooking needs.

When properly seasoned and cared for, these pots and pans have remarkable non-stick properties that make this a very smart purchase, particularly for the price. Plus, it comes with plastic accessories that makes it easy for you to start cooking right away without the danger of scratching.


  • Very nonstick
  • Affordable
  • Versatile
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Oven safe
  • Comes with a little egg pan


  • Needs to be seasoned before cooking and after washing.
  • Doesn’t feel sturdy.
  • The handles are a little loose.
  • Could’ve used heavier materials.
  • Takes longer to heat up than similar sets.

  • The only downside I’ve been able to find to this particular set is the fact that it needs to be seasoned before you use it and every single time you wash it with soap, which can seem more than a little daunting for some but, I promise you, it’s worth it.

Final Thought

We’ve looked at the properties of ceramic cookware, the reasons why it’s becoming so popular and the things you should consider if you’re thinking about changing your old non-stick cookware set for a ceramic one.

We’ve also looked at the top rated products in the market, their properties and their pros and cons.

It’s safe to say you’re now thoroughly prepared to make a choice when it comes to ceramic cookware: Will you replace your existing set? Will you try ceramic by buying a single plan? Will you stick to Teflon? The choice is yours!

If you think we left something out or if you have any questions or doubts don’t be afraid to ask in the comments and don’t forget to like and share this post if you found it useful!

Happy cooking!

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