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Ziti vs Penne: The Difference Between Penne And Ziti

Have you ever wondered why there are so many types of pasta out there? After all, aren’t all pastas supposed to be made with the same ingredients? Is there a difference between ziti and penne? How about between spaghetti and linguini?

The answer is surprisingly simple.

In this article we’ll cover the difference between penne and ziti, but this information applies pretty much to any other kind of pasta, so keep reading!

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Is Ricotta Cheese Pasteurized: The Asnwer And Great Tips For You

Ricotta cheese is one of the world’s favorite, thanks to its creamy-soft texture and fresh, almost sweet taste.

It’s flavor, so unlike strong and salty cheeses, makes it an excellent ingredient for all types of foods: Main dishes, soups, desserts, salads and much more can be achieved with this delicious ingredient, making it a must have in almost any kitchen.

Ricotta cheese is usually made with the leftover casein from other cheeses, making it a ‘recooked’ cheese that’s gone through extra fermentation.

While this fermentation gives it its soft texture and flavor, it also causes some questions to arise.

Is it safe to eat during pregnancy? Can you eat it if you’re lactose intolerant and, the most prevalent question of them all, is ricotta cheese pasteurized?

Well, keep reading to find out!

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Substitute For Tomato Paste: Your 5 Best Choices

Tomato paste is one of those ingredients not everyone has and not everyone knows where to buy.

Sure, you can learn to make tomato paste, but when you’re planning on cooking a quick recipe that happens to have tomato paste in it, the last thing you want to do spend extra time cooking an ingredient from scratch.

It’s because of moments like that, where you need tomato paste but you simply can’t make it / can’t buy it, that we’ve compiled this list of substitutes for tomato paste that can help you out of that situation.

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What Goes Well with Cornbread: Top 7 Dishes to Make with Cornbread

Cornbread is, as the name implies, a type of bread made with or containing cornmeal. There’s not a single specific way of cooking cornbread, as there are many varieties out there, but they all taste relatively similar.

Despite the similarities, countries and cultures who enjoy this kind of bread often eat them with completely different kinds of meals, making it a rather versatile dish and explaining its popularity.

So what goes well with cornbread?​

In this article, we talk about some of the best dishes to accompany with corn bread so you can broaden your culinary experiences by enjoying this bread in as many ways as possible.

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Thyme Substitute: 5 Great Ingredients You Should Try For Your Recipe

What can you use if you don't have thyme for your recipe? Try the best thyme substitutes below.

Not many people are aware of what thyme is and how much useful it is in cooking. This herb is commonly used for seasoning as well as cooking. Plus it is a condiment and even used for pickling. Sometimes thyme is used for making fragrances and even used for making medicine and for cosmetics. Now, this herb got a minty flavor which easily complements all types of foods like meat, fish, and vegetables.

Frankly, these greenish-gray and small leaves are often chopped, dried and even crumbled. This is a common herb which is used in French as well as European cuisine. You can use a thyme substitute when there are no thyme leaves.

Do you know that the minty flavor of the thyme goes well with all kinds of recipes? Now this mild flavor gets imparted in order to make sure that the food’s flavor is not masked. In addition, this goes well with other herbs and spices. Plus, it brings out the best aspects with regard to the taste of the dish. Commonly, thymes are used in a variety of forms like fresh leaves, ground and dried leaves.

You can use the ground thyme to sprinkle on soups, sauces and baking dishes along with other types of herbs. It is interesting to keep in mind that the recipes using fresh leaves will have a different aroma. And if you really want to get the advantage of thyme the entire year, try going for the dried thyme.

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Substitute For Gruyere Cheese: Top 5 Replacements & Tips When Using Them For Your Recipe

Gruyere cheese is a hard cheese that’s known for its sweet and salty flavor that changes with age.

Unlike other hard cheeses, gruyere cheese has a creamy, almost gentle flavor to it, which becomes stronger and more pronounced as time passes.

Gruyere cheese can age for anything from 5-12 months, though it’s not uncommon to eat it before or after.

This delicious cheese is relatively easy to find and affordable, but it’s not a staple of anyone’s kitchen repertory, which means that sometimes you simply won’t have it at hand.

Whether you’re looking for a gruyere cheese substitute because you ran out or because you simply don’t like this cheese, the following cheeses can act as good substitutes for gruyere cheese.

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How To Make Maroon (For Cake, Food)

Have you ever thought about the yummy maroon cake melting in your mouth? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to simply indulge in the ecstasy of a creamy cake that pleases your sweet tooth? If you are one of them, then you really need to know how much wonderful a maroon cake is. But before that, you must really know about how to make a maroon color and how it can be used as a frosting.

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Best Pizzelle Maker 2017: Top 5+ Recommended And Reviews

Have you ever heard of pizzelles?

These beautiful Italian desserts have little to do with pizza, yet they’re just as delicious.

Similar to waffles, pizzelles are made with flour, eggs, sugar and butter and can be served either crisp or soft, depending on the preparation method and preferred style.

They can be shaped in different ways but the most popular are straight out of the press, which explains why pizzelle makers often have beautiful designs on their plates.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a pizzelle iron to be enjoy to make this delicious dessert more frequently, you’ve come to the right place.

Today, we’re going to tell you not only what to look for in a pizzelle maker but also what are the best pizzelle makers in the market, so you can buy the very best.

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