Best Pizzelle Maker 2018: Top 5+ Recommended And Reviews

Have you ever heard of pizzelles?

These beautiful Italian desserts have little to do with pizza, yet they’re just as delicious.

Similar to waffles, pizzelles are made with flour, eggs, sugar and butter and can be served either crisp or soft, depending on the preparation method and preferred style.

They can be shaped in different ways but the most popular are straight out of the press, which explains why pizzelle makers often have beautiful designs on their plates.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a pizzelle iron to be enjoy to make this delicious dessert more frequently, you’ve come to the right place.

Today, we’re going to tell you not only what to look for in a pizzelle maker but also what are the best pizzelle makers in the market, so you can buy the very best.


​Things To Consider To Find The Best Pizzelle Maker

​Things To Look For To Find The Best Pizzelle Maker

Making pizzelles isn’t actually that hard, but it can be quite time consuming.

In order to make the best pizzelles you’ll need the best tools and the best tools are determined only by your needs.

Keep in mind the following things when you’re out browsing for the best pizzelle makers the market has to offer:

1. Thickness

Pizzelles can come in various thickness and this often depends on two things, the preference of who cooks them and the pizzelle maker used to create them.

Most manufacturers will list the thickness of the pizzelle in each of their products so make sure to pay attention to this as simply adding more or less dough won’t do the trick, as it can burn the pizzelle or cause the dough to overflow.

The shape of the pizzelle maker often plays a part in this too. Rounded edges can often lead to thicker ‘cookies’ while scalloped or decorated edges often result in thinner, crispier pizzettes.

2. Size and Number

While most pizzette makers out there are designed to make two pizzelles at the same time, other models can cook three or even four pizzelles with a single press.

The resulting pizzelles are often smaller, but if you’re cooking a large amount of these ‘cookies’ you’ll find it’s more practical to cook a large number of them at the same time, even if they’re smaller.

Here, the decision you need to make is between the size of the pizzelles and how many you’ll be cooking at any given time.

3. Shape

We’ve mentioned the mentioned that pizzelle makers often come with beautiful designs used to create eye catching desserts.

Do you prefer scalloped edges or round edges? Do you want your pizzelles to be perfectly round or oval? Do you want your pizzelles to have the traditional flower design or you’re more of a fan of stars, harps or other patterns?

Keep an eye on the features of your pizzelle maker, sure, but don’t forget to take note of the shapes they have. After all, you don’t want to buy a fantastic pizzelle maker only to discover you don’t like its design.

Now that you know what to look for in order to buy the best pizzelle maker for you, it’s time to see what the market has to offer.

Let’s get started!



This small, yet reliable, pizzelle maker makes 2 thin pizzelles about 4 inches in size, both with a traditional flower pattern.

What’s not traditional is the shape, as it comes without handles which can make it a bit harder to use than the regular, straight to the point, pizzelles. However, it does come with a locking lid that ensures your pizzelles are evenly cooked and browned.

Unlike other models, this particular one comes with an indicator that lets you know exactly when the pizzelles are ready and even comes with different browning levels to ensure you get the perfect results every time.

The non-stick plates are easy to clean, but they’re not removable so you’re going to have to clean it by hand. Remember to do this only when the machine has gone cold.

While there is a timer system that lets you know when the pizzelles are ready, there’s no sound or signal that lets you know it’s time to take them out of the maker so you need to keep an eye on it at all times, which can be quite monotonous and even cumbersome but other than that, you won’t have any problem using this machine.

That said, there’s a small warning you need to keep in mind: This machine operates in a 120V range so if your live in certain countries, you’ll need an adapter in order to use this pizzelle maker.


  • Easy to store
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use


  • There’s no alarm or warning to let you know your pizzelles are ready other than a green light.
  • Cooks two small (4 inch) pizzelles.
  • Not dishwasher safe.
  • No handles.


If what you’re looking for is to create many beautiful pizzelles in a short amount of time, this pizzelle is perfect for you.

The cookies made with this machine are actually rather small (3 inches) but if size isn’t a problem then we really recommend this maker, as it will crank several batches of gorgeous pizzelles with no problem.

It comes with a steam guard that keeps your hands safe from the heat, extra thick baking plates that make sure everything is cooking evenly, non-stick grids and plates that make cleaning this machine a piece of cake and handles that remind us of the traditional stovetop pizzelle makers, albeit shorter.

While the handles can make the pizzelle maker harder to store, we’re in love with them because it allows you to open and close the press without any risk to your hands. A must if you’re looking to cook pizzelles and cooking them fast.

This pizzelle maker is very easy to use but there’s still a bit of a learning curve so make sure to take the time to practice how to center the dough and how to press everything evenly to make sure the miniature pizzelles come out perfectly.

The press is larger than other models, but it cooks more pizzelles so that’s to be expected. It’s also not dishwasher safe, as the plates aren’t removable and need to be washed by hand.


  • Cooks very fast (1 minute, tops)
  • Cooks up to 4 cookies a the same time
  • Easy to clean
  • Beautiful design


  • Very small pizzettes
  • ​Not dishwasher safe
  • Has a learning curve
  • Will burn your pizzettes if you’re not paying attention and don’t move fast enough.


If you love classics you’re going to love this beautiful pizzelle maker, built with cast aluminum plates that heat up quickly and can make perfect pizzelles.

This is a classic pizzelle maker which means you’ll actually have to use it on the stovetop. Yes, it does take longer, but it’s the best way of cooking traditional pizzelles, not only because of the size but also because of the perfect browning you can only get with traditional presses.

The use of aluminum for the plates means that it heats up quickly and cooks just as fast but also that it’s easy to clean, resulting in basically no sticking at all. Since it’s a traditional maker there’s no need to wait for it to heat up again.

Simply pour your dough, press, wait for the pizzelles to be ready, remove and start again. No need to wait for the press to reheat.

As you can imagine, this pizzelle maker comes with no indicator whatsoever so you’ll have to be there in the kitchen paying attention to all that’s happening, which can be a problem for some.

However, if you’re willing to dedicate your pizzelles the time they deserve, rest assured you’ll have a fantastic tool at your disposition.

A word of caution for those who love their pizzelles paper thin. This maker makes cookies a little thicker than expected, so keep that in mind.


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Cooks pizzelles very fast


  • Non-electrical
  • No way of knowing when your pizzelles are ready other than trial and error.


Don’t let this beautiful pizzelle maker fool you, it doesn’t cook one gigantic pizzelle, it actually cooks three (3) 3-inch pizzelles at once, all in less than a minute.

This pizzelle is perfect for when you’re planning on cooking a large number of pizzelles in a short amount of time. It’s also a good choice for those of you who are looking for an easy to store machine, as this one is 9 ninches wide, 10 inches deep and can be stored upright, thanks to the fact that its cord is perfectly wrappable.

It heats up fast and stays hot, which means that it will cook a lot of pizzelles with perfect browning. That said, it’s not particularly good at cooling, so keep it out of reach whenever you’re done using it.

This maker comes with a recipe book, a batter spoon and a beautiful wooden cannoli-dowl, which means you can actually use this pizzelle maker to make delicious cannoli!

This pizzelle press uses the red/green light system to let you know when your pizzelles are ready, but it comes with no sound alarm of any kind so you’ll have to stay near it the whole time. Luckily, this isn’t much of a problem as it cooks the pizzeles in one minute, tops.


  • Very fast cooking
  • Stays hot for a while, so you can cook batch after batch
  • Easy to store


  • Doesn’t cool down quickly so be careful with it after using
  • Hard to clean
  • No handles


If what you’re looking for is a simple and straight to the point pizzelle maker this is the one for you.

With the ability to cook 2 5 inch pizzelles in less than a minute, this is not only one of the fastests in this list but it’s also one of the largest, as 5 inches is nothing to scoff at.

It comes with a steam guard that prevents you from burning your hands when using it, but the handles are too short for our liking. However this does mean that this pizzelle maker is very easy to store, as it can be placed upright and takes up very little space.

The handles also come with a metal hook, but while you may be tempted to use it to hang the pizzelle maker somewhere to save storage space, you shouldn’t, as this is used to hold the plates together ensuring even and quick cooking.

The plates come with the traditional flower design, also known as fiori pattern, and are non-stick and very easy to clean.

The non-stick properties also mean you won’t have any problem getting perfect pizzelles every time, but only once you learn how to properly season the machine, although the same could be said of any other pizzelle maker.

This pizzelle maker also works with the light system, which means you’ll have to pay attention to the light all the time to know when your cookies are ready to go. That said, it does cook pizzelles very quickly, so this won’t be that big of an issue.


  • Cooks very fast (less than a minute)
  • ​Cooks two large pizzettes at the same time.
  • ​Easy to clean
  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to store


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Has a learning curve
  • Will burn your pizzettes if you’re not paying attention and don’t move fast enough.


You’re now armed with the knowledge of how to choose the perfect pizzette maker for you and you’ve also seen the best of the best pizzette makers out there.

You’re now ready to cook delicious pizzelles for you and your family.

Happy cooking!!

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