George Foreman Grill Cooking Times – All Tips You Need To Know

So you’ve gone ahead and purchased a George Foreman Grill. However, you don't know the George Foreman Grill cooking times? Don't worry! Keep reading to find out.

These practical grills can do everything they advertise and then some, all from the comfort of your kitchen, no matter how small.

They’re the perfect tool for those who are looking forward to make grilled chicken breasts, grilled cheese, grilled veggies and all kinds of delicious things but don’t have the room to buy a large grill. (see more: Best Electric Grills)

Of course, if you haven’t owned a George Foreman Grill before or if you’ve been using a cast iron to do that, there are some adjustments you need to do. One of which is the time it takes to cook things.

If the thought of re-learning how to cook certain things from scratch seems a bit overwhelming don’t worry, we’re here to help you about the George Foreman Grill cooking times.


George Foreman Grill Cooking Times

We’ve divided this section in three categories to make things easier for you: Meat, seafood and vegetables.


George Foreman Grill meat

Chicken Breast: For better results use only boneless chicken, either flat or regular and will take from 4-6 minutes to cook.

Burger Patties: For better results, the patty should be around ½ to ¾ inches and will take from 5-8 minutes.

Pork Chops: For better results use only boneless chops. It should take anything between 5-8 minutes to cook.

Sausages: Precooked sausages should cook in 2-3 minutes. Raw sausages should be cooked separately first, then grilled from 4-6 minutes.

Tenderloin: For better results you should use only boneless tenderloin, cut lengthwise and cook for 6-9 minutes.

Lamb Chops: Only cook boneless chops. It should take anything between 5-8 minutes to cook.

Steak: Always cook boneless, and don’t exceed 1” of thickness. The steak should take from 4-6 minutes until it’s medium done. Adjust the time according to what you like the most.

  • See video below about how to cook chicken on the George Foreman Grill


Grilled Salmon with Geoged Foreman

Shrimp: The cooking time varies. It can cook from 2 to 4 minutes, but you should make sure the chicken is pink and springy before removing it.

Fish Fillets: The cooking time of the fillets depend entirely on their thickness so adjust accordingly. 2 to 3 minutes for each ½ inch of thickness.

Fish Steaks: Make sure all bones have been removed and that the steaks don’t exceed 1” in thickness. The cooking time depends on their thickness so adjust accordingly. 2 to 3 minutes for each ½ inch.


George Foreman Grill vegetables

Bell Peppers: Prepare the bell peppers first by halving them and removing the insides. Flatten slightly before grilling and cook for 4-5 minutes.

Summer Squash: Slices shouldn’t exceed 1” of thickness. Cook for 2-4 minutes, less if they’re not thicker than ½”

Eggplant: Whether you cook it sliced or halved, the thickness shouldn’t exceed 1”. Cook for 4 to 5 minutes, though if your slices are less than 1/2 “ thick then cook for less time.

Potatoes: For whole potatoes, wash and slice before precooking them. You can precook them by boiling them for 6-8 minutes or my microwaving them for 4.

Once they’re pre-cooked, grill until browned, which should take from 5-6 minutes.

Potato Wedges: If the potatoes are equal or less than ½” thick then use as they are. If they’re thicker, slice appropriately.

Boil in water for 8-10 minutes, then grill until browned and tender, which should take about 10 minutes or so.

Tomatoes: Slice into 1” thick slices and cook for 3-4 minutes or more if you like them well grilled.

Asparagus: One of the best things to cook on your George Foreman grill, Asparagus will take from 2-4 minutes to cook.

Leek: Prepare beforehand by rinsing thoroughly and drying with a paper towel. Slice if it’s too large for your grill and then cook for 2-3 minutes.

Mushrooms: Remove stems and grill whole. It should take from 2-4 minutes to cook perfectly, but you should adjust accordingly depending on the size of the mushroom.

Zucchini: Slices shouldn’t exceed 1” of thickness. Cook for 2-4 minutes, less if they’re not thicker than ½”

  • I want to share with you some easy George Foreman Grill recipes : Cooking Tomatoes & Asparagus On The George Foreman Grill

Keep in mind that all the times listed here are suggestions, born both out of the manufacturer suggestions and personal experience which is why they might not work 100% of the time for you.

With this in mind, cook until you’re sure everything’s well cooked. If something looks raw then ignore the numbers listed here and keep grilling until perfectly cooked.

Tips and Tricks

George Foreman Grill Tips and Tricks


One of the few downsides of George Foreman Grills is that the plates need to be cooked immediately after using to prevent any food sticking to them.

Some models have removable plates that make things easier by allowing you to move the plates and place in the sink right away.

Other models, however, don’t have this feature so here’s what you can do to clean them faster:

  • Immediately after you’re done cooking and before you eat, unplug the machine.
  • Take from three to four paper towels, fold and wet them.
  • ​Place them on the hot plates so that they’re completely covered.
  • ​Close and leave until you’re ready to clean up.
  • ​Once you’re ready to clean up, open the grill.
  • Remove the paper towels and toss them away.
  • Wipe the hot plates with a wet sponge, using a little soap if there’s particularly stubborn food stuck to the plates.

Some dishes are more difficult than others simply because of their ingredients so when you’re cooking something that you know is going to stick, coat your metal plates with spraying oil, such as olive or canola.

Finally, if you simply can’t seem to clean the plates, even with soap, use a nylon scrubber or the cleaning tool provided by the manufacturer, though those should only be used as a last resort kind of deal.

George Foreman Grill Cooking Times

That’s the end of this guide about George Foreman Grill cooking times, we hope you can use it to cook something delicious!

If you’ve used this guide, leave a comment letting us know what you cooked and how it turned out.

Don’t forget to share with you friends if you found this useful.

Thank you for reading!

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