Does Lemon Juice Go Bad: The Answer And Easy Tips To Store Lemon Juice

Do you like lemon juice? Does lemon juice go bad and how to store it? Find all the answers below.

In various kinds of food stuffs, lemon is one of the integral ingredients. Frankly, it is a great ingredient which is often used in little quantities. Also, it is often considered as an excellent element in weight loss plan which really works. Now this product is very easy to get from supermarket or any outdoor market and also is quite cheap.

Now if you are at any local supermarket and come across a container of lemon juice which is.

on sale, then immediately a question is bound to raise in your mind “Does Lemon Juice Go Bad?” Of course, you might be enticed to purchase some in bulk to avoid the money and time. Also another important aspect you would be pondering about is can you successfully store a lemon juice for a long time without any issues. Let’s check out.


Does Lemon Juice Go Bad?

Does Lemon Juice Go Bad

Unluckily, if you want to know whether or does lemon juice go bad, then the answer is that yes it does. But there is good news which is that if you are able to store it properly either through refrigeration or freezing, then it will really last for a longer time. There are various factors that play a great part in extending the basic shell life of a lemon juice.

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How Long Does Lemon Juice Last?

How Long Does Lemon Juice Last

Here you need to think about two kinds of lemon juices- fresh lemon juice and bottled one. With regard to the fresh lemon juice, you know that it provides the best taste. Once you have prepared fresh lemon juice, you might come across the doubts or question “Does Lemon Juice Go Bad”. Frankly, once you have made the fresh lemon juice, immediately refrigerate it. For a few days, the flavour of the fresh lemon juice will be fine.

But after a 4 or 5 days, the juice will slowly lose its taste. Besides being acidic, lemon juice doesn’t have any kind of preservatives, so it can be fine only for a few weeks, sometimes to a one or one and half weeks. If you are planning to keep it fresh for a longer time, then there are two methods – Freezing and Preservatives.

Now using preservatives won’t seem to be a great idea, especially if you are really thinking of living a healthy life, following a strict diet regime and planning for any kind of weight loss program. In such case, it is better if you go for freezing the lemon juice. If you are freezing the lemon juice, then it will be really fine for 3-5 months, and even sometimes more.

Now in case of bottled lemon juice, they contain extensive amount of preservatives which really helps in extending the shelf life. So, because of the presences of the preservatives, a fresh lemon juice will stay fine for a much longer time. And you can even find in the bottle, the “best-used-by” date. But keep in mind that this particular information won’t just simply mean that the juice will get spoiled after the mentioned date, it is just a statement. Frankly, this statement simply pinpoints that the quality and taste of the liquid will be somewhat fine up to that particular date and once the date is passed by, then the juice will slowly lose its taste.

Lemons Expiration Date

Fresh Lemons last for2-4 Weeks1-2 Months
Cut Lemons last forSame Day2-3 Days
Lemon Juice (re-sealable bottle) lasts for--4-6 Months
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade lasts forSame Day1 Week
Processed Lemonade (Unopened) lasts for--2 Weeks
Processed Lemonade (Opened) lasts for--1 Week

How To Tell If Lemon Juice Goes Bad?

How To Tell If Lemon Juice Goes Bad

Now the most and primary information you need to keep in mind about lemon juice is that it has to be stored in freezer or at least refrigerated (that is if it is unopened and bottled one). Keeping in the room temperature will immediately lead to the faster bacterial growth, and this is common in most of the fresh lemon juices that are prepared without using any preservatives. So, if you feel that the juice was left in the room temperature and you aren’t convinced that it is 100% fine to consume, then don’t consume it at all.

How To Store Lemon Juice?

How To Store Lemon Juice

Now as stated previously, the question “Does Lemon Juice Go Bad” indeed has a positive answer and it is necessary to make sure on how to store lemon juice so that you can get a good one. Frankly, when it is comes to making lemon juice fresh or keeping them in a fresh state as soon as possible, it is better if you just squeeze out the required amount of lemon juice and store them in a bowl as per the requirement of the recipes.

Lemon juice in a fresh state can bring in more flavour as well as taste. Also, keep in mind that a store purchased lemon juice when purchased in cute and small squeezing bottle will be quite helpful; however, you mustn’t store it on the top of the pantry or in the countertop. Just keep it in the refrigerator to get the most of its shelf life.

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Now the answer to the question does lemon juice goes bad is clear from the given details. If you‘re following the required procedures and steps, then you are surely going to get the best out of the lemon juice either it is fresh or bottled one.

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