How Many Ribs In A Rack: The True Facts About Ribs

Have you ever thought about the number of the rack present in beef ribs or barbecued pork? Of course, this is surely one question which many people have been pondering about for many years. Each time when you order a rack of ribs, especially at various barbecue joints, you are bound to find out the inconsistency present in the number of ribs that are served

Now as you go and ask any BBQ lovers, you are sure to hear the common replies being 7, 9, 10 and sometimes even 13. Having various numbers thrown at you, it will be quite confusing. So, no doubt, a little bit of research can really be benefic ial and good to get the facts straight.

However, is it really necessary to know how many ribs in a rack of the best BBQ pork or beef? Of course, this can easily assist you when you are thinking about buying, cooking or eating one. In addition, having knowledge of this essential information will simply help in ensuring that you are never served with half the rack when you have ordered a full one.


Know About Your Pork Ribs

Pork Ribs

There is no doubt that pork ribs are the best and common crowd favorites. Not only they are served in Texas, but all over the barbecue joints in the US provide this tasty and juicy meat. So, there is no need for you to simply depend on such restaurants for hogging a required rib fix when you can easily make your own BBQ party right at your home. But before that, you need to know about the various kinds of pork ribs that are great making a delicious barbecue. Let’s check some of them:

  • St. Louis Style Spare Ribs: These are also called as breastbone-off spare ribs. Compared to the other kind of ribs these are the meaty ones. Frankly, this rib is quite similar to the spare ribs, with the difference in terms of the cartilage and breast bone which are extensively removed to provide a rectangular and clean rack of pork.
  • Spareribs: Also called as spares or side ribs, these ribs have cuts which start right from the end of the best baby back ribs and go all the way to the pig and then up towards the breast. Not only they are large, but even tough to cook too, and that too when you don’t cook it in the right manner.
  • Rib Tips: Here, this is nothing but the cartilage, gristle and excess meat which are simply cut from the spare ribs. If you cook in the wrong way, it will be tough for you to consume. And interestingly, you can marinade it and make sure to cook the sous vide just before you are going to grill.
  • Baby Back Ribs: These are also known as loin ribs, pork loin ribs, or back ribs. Now for getting this cut, the butcher will cut the pieces of such ribs which will simply meet the spine of the pig. Then the loin is attached, which will be removed by him later on. Compared to the other normal spare ribs, these are small. Now for certain chefs these are one of the best and most liked pork ribs as they are lean, tender and quite easy to prepare.

Basic Anatomy Of Beef Ribs

Basic Anatomy Of Beef Ribs

During the process of opting for one of the best spices and knowing about how many ribs in a rack that can be used for the barbecue ribs, you must ensure that you select or use the best cut of the ribs. And there are two major one:

  • Short Ribs: These are quite great as they are meaty. Containing a huge amount of flavors, they are basically the best ones. Being tender and easy to cook, you can easily place this not only on the grill but on the top of the stove too.
  • Back Rib: These are known as Spare Ribs or Texas Ribs. Besides being tender, you might find that it is easy to cook this on the grill and even on the stove top.

How Many Ribs In A Rack?

Counting The Numbers in Pork And Beef Rib Count

Seriously, you mustn’t get really fooled by what restaurants advertise or simply state. Sometimes you might end up in getting only half of what you want.

  • Beef Ribs: As per the USDA, the whole rack or slab of the ribs will be having 11 bones (at least). Sometimes an untrimmed rib roast will be having 13 ribs or parts.
  • Pork Ribs: On an average, the baby back rib will be having about ten to twelve ribs and interestingly each of the bone will be about 5 to 6 inches. In addition, each of the bone and rib will weigh around 2/12 or 3 lbs.

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Wrapping Up

How Many Ribs In A Rack

No doubts it is good if you are keeping account of how many ribs in a rack. But keep in mind each restaurant will be having a different one and you might have a tough time to seek one which becomes your favorite.

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