Thyme Substitute: 5 Great Ingredients You Should Try For Your Recipe

What can you use if you don't have thyme for your recipe? Try the best thyme substitutes below.

Not many people are aware of what thyme is and how much useful it is in cooking. This herb is commonly used for seasoning as well as cooking. Plus it is a condiment and even used for pickling. Sometimes thyme is used for making fragrances and even used for making medicine and for cosmetics. Now, this herb got a minty flavor which easily complements all types of foods like meat, fish, and vegetables.

Frankly, these greenish-gray and small leaves are often chopped, dried and even crumbled. This is a common herb which is used in French as well as European cuisine. You can use a thyme substitute when there are no thyme leaves.

Do you know that the minty flavor of the thyme goes well with all kinds of recipes? Now this mild flavor gets imparted in order to make sure that the food’s flavor is not masked. In addition, this goes well with other herbs and spices. Plus, it brings out the best aspects with regard to the taste of the dish. Commonly, thymes are used in a variety of forms like fresh leaves, ground and dried leaves.

You can use the ground thyme to sprinkle on soups, sauces and baking dishes along with other types of herbs. It is interesting to keep in mind that the recipes using fresh leaves will have a different aroma. And if you really want to get the advantage of thyme the entire year, try going for the dried thyme.


Things To Consider When Looking For The Right Thyme Substitute


• Proper Selection

No doubt, fresh herbs bring a bold flavor to various recipes. Irrespective of whether you are growing the herbs in your backyard garden or taking them from the grocery store, they need to be fresh. Make sure that you select herbs that look fresh and that too ones sans brown spots. Keep in mind that fresh herbs can last for a longer time, so purchase or pick only those which you only require.

• Storing

For storing fresh herbs, you really must cut off the half inch of the stem. Place the stand stem in a glass or small jar filled with water. Make sure to cover the leaves in a loose and tiny plastic bag and refrigerate them. Keep in mind that basil must not be refrigerated as it will blacken.

Thyme Substitute: 5 Great Replacements For Your Recipe

1. Basil

thyme substitute - basil

Basil has a sweet taste, which is why it is quite famous and commonly used in Mediterranean cuisine. So it is quite similar to the thyme and is commonly used in pasta sauces, salad dressings, tomato-based soups and other variety dishes. Compared to thyme, basil got stronger and hard flavor. Just by adding a pinch of salt, you can see the noticeable difference in terms of the flavor and aroma of the dish.

2. Sage

thyme substitute - Sage

Being a flavorful herb, this can be thought as one of the easiest and common thyme substitutes. Now in the recipe, if you have to use a teaspoon of thyme, then simply replace it with a half teaspoon of sage. This particular thyme substitute is recommended for preparing creamy sauces and even meat-related dishes.

Using the sage, the bitter and minty flavor will be present, making it quite suitable for preparing chicken dishes. But the strength of the flavor is quite strong, so you need to use it in small quantities.

3. Oregano

thyme substitute - Oregano

Whenever you think of pizza toppings or pasta sauce, there is only one herb that comes to your mind, which is the oregano. This is commonly found in all kitchens, so if you don’t have thyme, you can take fresh oreganos as thyme substitute. Using oregano for thyme is suitable for dishes containing potato, tomato, and even beans. Plus, you can use this herb for preparing salad dressings. Even though the leaves of oregano is huge compared to thyme, still its flavor is quite close.

4. Rosemary

thyme substitute - Rosemary

Sometimes while cooking soup, chicken, salad dressing and other dishes, you might use ½ teaspoon of rosemary. Frankly, the rosemary got a dominant flavor which provides a robust taste. And this is why you need to use it in small quantities.

For a long time, this herb has enjoyed the reputation of being one of the famous herbs used for cooking. This is mostly grown in the US and Europe and is very famous all around the world. In addition, the rosemary is one of the smallest thyme substitute shrub belonging to the mint family.

5. Savory

thyme substitute - Sage

For centuries, this thyme substitute is one of the major ingredients used for preparing love portions. This herb has a huge history for spicing up the sex life. And besides this, the culinary application it has makes it one of the best kitchen ingredients for various people. Now as a replacement for thyme, the savory brings about a peppery as well as piney flavor.

Final Thoughts

If you have no thyme in the kitchen, don’t worry. There are a lot of herbs that you can use as thyme substitute. Not only they provide the same flavor but in the required quantity will make the food taste similar to the one made using thyme.

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