Best Cookie Press 2018: Top 5+ Recommended And Reviews

​Are you looking for a cookie press? This here is your definitive guide to buying the best cookie press in the market today.

Few things are as delicious and cookies.

It doesn’t matter if they’re sweet or savory, cookies always make for a fantastic treat or a tasty surprise.

The best thing about cookies is that they’re actually very simple.

Sure, baking can be a little hard at first but that’s the hardest part of making cookies, since pre-made cookie batter is very easy to find and making it from scratch isn’t complicated at all.

That said, making the perfect cookie, shape and size wise, can be pretty hard and time-consuming if you’re doing it all by hand, which is why cookie presses were invented.


What is A Cookie Press?

what are cookie press

In broad terms, cookie presses are cookie dough dispensers. They’re large, injector-like tools that you fill with cookie batter in order to increase your speed and precision, which makes them perfect for when you’re cooking large batches of cookies or if you’re a bit of a perfectionist.

Most cookie pressers will let you squeeze out a simple blob of dough or batter, which will them turn into a regular cookie after being baked.

However, there are plenty of inserts and add-ons with different shapes and sizes, which allows you to create beautiful cookies in a matter of seconds, over and over again.

This will not only help you improve the overall quality of your cookies but will also turn you into a cookie superstar!

See below video if you want to know how to use the cookie press:​

Things To Consider To Find The Best Cookie Press​


While most cookie pressers do roughly the same, they don’t always share the same quality.

Not only that, but some cookie pressers were created for home use, while others were created with more professional uses in mind.

Knowing what to look for in a cookie press is the best way of ensuring you’re getting the most bang for your buck, so we’ve written a short guide letting you know exactly what to look for.

Decide What You’ll Do with It

Cookie presses can make cookies, sure, but they can also help you decorate with icing.

If you’re only planning on making plain cookies, then focus on models that have as many discs as possible.

If you’re planning on icing as well? Then go for models that have discs and decorating tips.

Comfort or Capacity?

Larger presses can hold a lot more cookie batter, which means you can make more cookies without refilling.

However, the larger the press the harder it is to handle it, since it can get too big to be held comfortably.

The later is particularly important if you plan on using the press to decorate as well, so keep in mind what’s more important for you before making your final choice.

Electric or Manual?

There are two types of cookie presses, electric and manual, and both offer different kinds of benefits.

Electric presses are more expensive, but they’re even more efficient than manual ones. They’re also the best choice for people with mobility problems.

Manual presses are more economical and overall easier to use.

Keep this in mind when selecting a model.

Go Rust Free

Cleaning cookie presses can be challenging and it’s quite hard to dry them perfectly, so try looking for models made with materials that don’t rust easily.

​Now that you know what to look for in a cookie press to make sure you’re purchasing the best of the best, it’s time to take a look at the top 5 best cookie presses in the market.

Let’s get started! 


Kuhn Rikon Clear Cookie Press with Decorating Tips and Storage Box


Created by Kuhn Rikon, a well-known brand both in professional and home settings, this simple but effective cookie press is a wonderful way of getting familiar with this kind of tool.

The trigger mechanism is quite easy to handle and it’s similar to that of a glue gun, which means you’ll be able to create cookies with a single hand.

The see-through cylinder allows you not only to easily keep track of how much cookie batter there is left but also to see if the press has been properly cleaned after using it.

If that isn’t enough, then you’ll be pleased to know that this cookie press is perfect for making cookies and decorating them, as it comes with 14 high quality shaping discs and 6 decorating tips that lets you create beautiful and delicious cookies of any shape and size.

The ergonomic design and the variety of tips makes this press perfect for decorating cakes and h’ors d’oeuvres so this is a great choice if you’re looking for a versatile tool you can use over and over again.


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • ​Dishwasher safe
  • Comes with a storage box
  • ​Comes with a variety of accessories
  • Versatile


  • Cookies come out a little small
  • Product continues to flow after the trigger stops being pressed
  • Attachments might pop out if the batter is too thick.

OXO Good Grips Cookie Press with Stainless Steel Disks and Storage Case


While this cookie press might look a little alien, its high quality and excellent results will win you over in no time.

Built with a non-slip base that ensures the cookies come out perfectly each time and a non-slip lever that’s comfortable and easy to use, this cookie press is a great choice for both professional and home settings alike.

The press can be taken apart completely, which makes cleaning a breeze and the fact that most of the pieces are dishwasher safe only makes things easier. (That said, you should always hand wash the plunger)

This press comes with 12 different shaped disks that will allow you to create a variety of fun looking cookies and, the best part, is that the disks are really good, which means that the shapes always look perfect, no matter how many time you use the press.

For better results, you should always use cold batter and try not to press the lever all the way down, as this is completely unnecessary and might even damage your press.

Size wise, this cookie press isn’t the biggest one out there, but it still has more than enough capacity to create around 30 cookies without refilling, which might sound a problem if you plan on making more cookies, but won’t because refilling is very easy when it comes to this model.


  • Affordable
  • Dishwasher safe
  • ​Discs come with a storage box
  • Comes with a variety of discs


  • Only makes cookies
  • The cylinder is a little too small
  • Plunger isn’t dishwasher safe

DKST Kitchen Cookie Press Kit includes Storage Case, 25 Seasonal Discs, 8 Icing Tips and Recipes


If you’re truly serious about making cookies then this amazing cookie press kit is for you.

Made with high quality stainless steel this cookie press of professional quality is capable of creating all kinds of cookies, as well as other goodies such as cheese straws, churros and more!

Not only that, but with 6 professional grade, stainless steel decorating tips, you can use this beautiful kit not only to create cookies but also to decorate all kinds of desserts.

If that wasn’t all, this set comes with 25 different cookie sets, many of them seasonal, which means you’ll be able to bake cookies for every major holiday of the year!

Of course, all those attachments aren’t easy to store, but rest assured that won’t be a problem as this cookie set comes with an elegant storage box that helps you store everything in a convenient place.

Easy to use and clean, you’ll be able to get the authentic cookie press experience with this unique and versatile press.

That said, the spring action isn’t all that easy on the hands, so if you have articulation problems such as arthritis you might want to consider a more gentle model.

While it’s easy to take apart and clean, it’s not actually dishwasher safe so keep that in mind when it comes to cleaning after use.


  • Looks fantastic
  • ​Works great
  • Comes with a large amount of attachments
  • Comes with a storage box


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Has a learning curve

Kitchen Aid Cookie Press


This plunger type cookie press is a great option for those serious about making cookies in large batches.

It comes with 12 different discs to give you as much variety as possible when making cookies and it also comes with a practical soft sleeve that makes holding it very easy.

Made with stainless steel, this cookie press is perfectly dishwasher safe, which is a good thing because it’s not particularly easy to clean.

The culprit is a too small opening that makes both cleaning and loading harder than it should be, but if you can work around that then you’ll be on your way to making perfect cookies.

The press itself includes a storage unit that lets you organize the discs it comes with. That said, the storage unit does minimize the capacity, so expect to have to refill it.


  • Affordable
  • ​Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to use and hold
  • Comes with 12 discs


  • A too small opening makes this press hard to fill and clean.
  • Has a bit of a learning curve

Cuisinart CTG-00-CP Cookie Press with 18 Discs and 6 Decorating Tips, White


Equipped with 18 cookie disks and 6 decorating tips, this is the kind of cookie press you want when you’re looking for variety in a budget.

With a trigger action that allows you to create a cookie with a single squeeze and a pump that makes refills easy and fast, this is an excellent tool if you’re planning on making large amounts of cookies and decorating them afterwards.

The decorating tips also work for other desserts, such as cakes and cupcakes, so you’ll be able to make a variety of things with a single product.

Dishwasher safe and very sturdy for a plastic product, this is the most affordable article in this list as well as one of the most versatile.

It doesn’t have as much power as other models, so using cold or thick dough is a no no, but once you adapt to the limitations you’ll be able to really start using this product and once you get started you simply won’t want to stop.


  • Very affordable
  • ​Comes packed with accessories
  • ​Dishwasher safe
  • Versatile
  • Easy to refill


  • Completely made with plastic
  • Not very powerful
  • Discs and attachments are plastic

What's The Best Cookie Press​?

​Though many of the cookie presses are functional enough, the Kuhn Rikon Clear Cookie Press stands out as the clear winner.

I strongly recommend this cookie press because it combines all of the benefits of the previous cookie presses into one affordable package.

Types of Cookie Presses

best cookie press - manual or electric

There are two main types of cookie presses out there: Electric and Manual.


This is the most affordable type of cookie presses out there as well as the most available.

Because of this, you’ll be able to find manual cookie presses in all shapes and sizes that fit almost any budget.

As you can imagine, this particular type of cookie press requires a lot of involvement on your part, so you’ll be squeezing, refilling, aiming and trying to gauge how much batter is “enough” batter whenever it’s time to bake.

Since you can apply more pressure with this type of cookie press, it works better with thick doughs and batters.


Electric cookie presses offer a lot more precision, squeezing out the same amount of dough over and over again.

The same goes for icing, making it a great choice for perfectionists or those who plan on making tons of cookies a day.

Electric cookie presses are also a fantastic tool for people with limited mobility, as they make pressing cookies a much simpler and less exhausting problem.

Contrary to the popular belief, you can’t actually apply more force with electric presses than with manual ones, so you should try not to use heavy doughs and batters with electric presses, as these work better with the lighter stuff.

And there you have it! Those are the two types of cookie presses out there.

We hope you found this review fun and, more importantly, useful.

If you have any doubts or questions, leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.

Thank you very much for reading!

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