Can You Freeze Coleslaw: The Answer & Easy Ways To Freeze And Thaw Coleslaw

One of the most popular recipes for salad, coleslaw is relished by people across the globe, irrespective of their age or gender. This can be an enticing side dish on hot, summer days.

The question that comes up is can you freeze coleslaw. It is because this dish includes perishable ingredients. If it is possible to freeze this salad, you can stop the wastage of the unconsumed part. Likewise, it will enable you to escape the needs to make fresh preparation, each time you want to relish it.

This article shall explore the possibility of freezing this preparation and the probable ways to do it.


Can You Freeze Coleslaw?

Can You Freeze Coleslaw

 Is it possible to freeze Coleslaw? This is a question that has been asked billions of times and the good news is that it is indeed possible to freeze this preparation. However, you need to comply with certain precautionary measures to accomplish this objective!

It is suggested that you should never try to freeze this salad if it includes mayonnaise as one of the ingredients. It is for the reason that if mayonnaise has been used as an ingredient, it is likely to affect the taste, once you put it to freeze. If you have used some other types of creamy salad dressing ingredient that would support the freezing process, you may certainly freeze the salad. If you hold the plan to freeze the leftover coleslaw, it will be wise to use the vinegar-based dressing items.

Though it is possible to freeze coleslaw that includes Mayonnaise, you should be ready to sacrifice on the aspect of the taste. It happens for the reason that mayonnaise has got the tendency to segregate, once it is put to freeze. This brings a watery appearance to the dish and imparts a rougher texture.

If you desire to use mayonnaise for dressing the Coleslaw, you should always add the dressing, after freezing the mix. This will enable you to preserve the leftover, without changes in the taste.

This way, you can preserve the leftover as well as to prevent the chances for distortion of the usual taste of the salad.

How To Freeze And Thaw Coleslaw?

how to freeze coleslaw

For freezing coleslaw in its dry mix state, you need to go through the following steps:

  • Take the chopped cabbage, carrots as well as other ingredients in a freezer pouch and eliminate the excessive air, before you seal the contents inside the bag.
  • Once you seal the pouch, use a permanent marker to mark on the pouch the date you freeze the ingredients for the first time.

To thaw this dry mix, take the pouch out of the freezer and put in directly in the refrigerator. Let the mix defrost for an hour or two or even overnight. When the dry mix will thaw adequately, the ingredients will hold lower temperature as well as feature a crunchy appearance.

Reaching this stage, irrespective of the fact that the coleslaw includes mayonnaise or not, the cool mix is ready to for adding the dressing. Once the dressing is added, you require stirring the ingredients together. You are likely to serve the coleslaw at cooler temperatures and subsequently, you should refrigerate it instantly, once you are through using it.

How To Freeze Coleslaw That Includes Vinegar and Oil-based Dressing?

Freeze Coleslaw That Includes Vinegar and Oil-based Dressing

Coleslaw mixtures that include vinegar or oil-based dressing are usually considered ideal for freezing. Mustard seed, lemon juice, celery seed are a few of the examples of vinegar and oil based dressing items. Any of these items, mixed with carrots and lettuce will display better freezing that the ones that include mayonnaise. Rather than freezing the dry mix and then adding mayonnaise for dressing, you may add vinegar or oil based dressing freely, prior to freezing and thaw the mixture.

To freeze and thaw coleslaw that includes the vinegar or oil-based dressing, take it out of the freezer and put it in the refrigerator directly for a few hours or for overnight. It will be especially relevant to state that you should refrain from consumption of any kind of coleslaw once you freeze it for a year.

If you are adding dressing to the coleslaw before freezing, it is most likely that it will take a watery appearance, if you continue freezing it for a few months. Hence, before serving, you should always eliminate the additional water, if any. Ideally, you should use the frozen Coleslaw within 2 to 3 days after you thaw it. Refrain from keeping the frozen Coleslaw at the room temperature. You should never attempt to re-freeze the frozen salad and ideally, the freezing should be made when you are not using the Coleslaw. Following these steps, you will be able to freeze Coleslaw, no matter the type of dressing is being used.

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