Substitute For Celery: 6 Delicious Replacements You Can Use

Celery is a marshland plant whose fruit, seeds, etc. are dried or converted into oil for various uses. Celery stalk is used in soups and curries. Celery leaves are used for soups and sauces as well. It is a low calorie food and is often used in weight loss diet.

Though celery is unsafe when taken during pregnancy. High amounts of celery make the uterus contract which may cause miscarriage. Celery can also cause allergies in people who have sensitivity towards wild carrot, mugwort, birch etc.

Celery shouldn't be used if one has kidney related problems as it can cause inflammation.

So we can replace celery by various other stalk vegetables, which have similar textures and flavors like that of celery. You just need to get creative and find a good substitute for celery.


Substitute For Celery: 6 Delicious Replacements

1. Fennel

substitute for celery - Fennel

Fennel is a hardy herb with feathery leaves. It has Mediterranean flavors and all the parts of a fennel plant are edible. Fennel salad tastes great and is made up of fennel bulbs flavored salt, pepper, lemon juice and parsley with a dash of olive oil. Egg, fish, and various other dishes can also be made with fennel. Pestos and soups taste great with fennel stalk.

Once the bulb of the fennel is used, you can use the stalk similar to celery because they have the similar crisp taste. Swap fennel stalks for mirepoix that consist of onion, carrot and celery originally.

Though the flavors may be different from celery the overall feel is similar to the texture of the stalk is similar and the seeds are flavorful.

2. Cress

substitute for celery - cress

Cress can be added to soups, sandwiches, salads etc. It has a tangy flavor similar to mustard. It is eaten as sprouts and the pods can be used for peppery seasoning.

In the United Kingdom, cress shoots is used in sandwiches with mayonnaise and salt. Watercress is crisp which is slightly bitter with a tinge of pepper. It tastes great in salads. It tastes great with eggs and can be encoperated in soups and salads.

Watercress can also be used to add crunch to the sandwiches. Chop the raw watercress in small pieces, mix with cream cheese and spread on bread. Add some cucumber and enjoy a great sandwich, which is flavorful. Salads get charged with nutrients when prepared with watercress.

3. Lettuce

substitute for celery - Lettuce

Lettuce is often used in salads along with other greens, meats, vegetables and cheeses. Lettuce is used in Caesar salads, which have a dressing of anchovies and eggs.

Lettuce leaves are also found in soups, wraps and sandwiches.The stems are eaten raw as well as cooked. Lettuce is used in a large variety of western dishes contributing to dishes like bean curd and meat along with other vegetables. It is delicate with a short lifespan, hence its advisable to have it fresh, without storing it long.

Lettuce leaves can be filled with minced chicken, sauce and vegetables. Chicken tossed with lettuce taste great as well. It can replace celery in various soups, salads etc.

4. Broccoli

substitute for celery - Broccoli

Broccoli is a part of the cabbage family. It is one of the most nutritious vegetables and exotic vegetables with crisp and sturdy texture. It's juicy, fresh and has to be rightly cooked. One can dice broccoli, use olive oil and salt with it and bake. It could be grilled, salted fried baked etc.

Broccoli with cheese can make an incredible bake. Peppers, spring onions and broccoli can be tossed together with mild seasoning to make a delicious preparation. Celery can be replaced by broccoli in soups and salads to give a great punch of nutrition and taste. Broccoli has a rich texture and hence is a great substitute for celery.

Broccoli soup tastes great like celery soup does.

5. Cabbage

substitute for celery - cabbage

Cabbage is decked with nutrients which are great for health.

It is a low calorie vegetable with negligible fat this is great for weight-management.It is loaded with antioxidants as well as Vitamin C which is helping in strengthening immunity. It can be consumed raw, boiled, baked, stir fried or sauted.

Shredded cabbage mixed with coconut, coriander powder, chili, chickpea flour, garam masala can be an incredible Indian spicy preparation. Crispy cabbage, carrots mixed with vinegar, sesame oil and plump grapes, mustard seeds and parsley can be combined to form an incredible dish. Kimchi is a Korean dish which is sweet is made with fermented cabbage along with garlic, sauce, vinegar and chili flakes, ginger, soya which tastes great.

6. Bok-choy

substitute for celery - Bok-choy

Bok choy or pak choi is a kind of Chinese cabbage. It tastes the most similar to celery.

Bok choy can be used in various dishes. It is crisp, sweet and has high nutritional value. Also known as white cabbage, Bok Choy is used in various Chinese dishes like soups, fries, etc. It is used in salads as well as sandwiches. Often used for garnishing, it can be added in various soup dishes for more nutrition. Bok Choy is high in vitamin A and calcium with low calorie.

Sesame seeds with boiled pak choi tastes incredible. Stir fried bokchoy taste great too. Brinjal bok choy and black bean together are a great combination. Okra with onions and pak choi is a great oriental dish as well.

High in nutrition and great taste makes it an incredible replacement of celery.

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