Can You Freeze Pepperoni: Find The Answer Here And Great Tips For You

Pepperoni is the kind of sausage that can be used for just about anything.

It can be used in sandwiches, as arts of cheese boards, potato salads, toppings for potato skins, mushroom stuffing and more.

If you’ve only had it in pizza, you’re missing out!

Because of the versatility of this delicious type of salami, it’s tempting to buy it in bulk and keep in the fridge in order to always have it around, but just how viable is this option?

After all, there are certain questions that you need to ask when it comes to buying and storing pepperoni. Questions as, “does pepperoni goes bad?”, “how long does pepperoni lasts” and even “can you freeze pepperoni?”

Keep reading in order to find out the answer to these questions!


Does Pepperoni Goes Bad?

 can you freeze pepperoni

Sure thing!

Pepperoni, like just about every other food, will go bad after enough time.

This sausage might have strong preservatives, such as nitrates and salt, but it can go rancid and even rot after a while. Even when it hasn’t been pulled out from the sealed bag it came in.

In order to tell if your pepperoni has gone bad, the first thing you need to do is look for the ‘use by’ date. Peperoni might still be good a few weeks after the use by date, but it never hurts to figure what the best date to consume it is.

If you can’t find the expiration date, don’t hesitate to call the deli you got it from.

Regardless of the expiration date, if you notice a funky smell, odd color and a slimy texture on your pepperoni, then chances are it has gone bad and should be tossed away immediately.

Brown hues, particularly around the perimeter, and a sticky texture are also things you should look out for.

How Long Does Pepperoni Lasts?

pepperoni and cheese

Pepperoni is very resistant to bacteria and can last for a long time, but just how long it will keep depends on how you store it and the form of pepperoni you’ve bought.

Pepperoni sticks have been made to last, even outside the freezer, for a long, long time as long as they’re not sliced. Use the ‘best by’ date to guide yourself or call the deli store that sold it to you to know when it will go bad.

Deli Meat Expiration Date

Past Printed DatePast Printed Date
Fresh Deli Meats last for5-6 Days--
Pre-packaged Deli Meats last for7-10 Days6-8 Months
Bologna lasts for1-2 Weeks2-3 Months
Salami (hard)* lasts for3-4 Weeks2-3 Months
Fresh Deli Meats last for5-6 Days--
Packaged Lunch Meat lasts for7-10 Days--
Bologna lasts for1-2 Weeks1-2 Months
Salami (hard)* lasts for2-3 Weeks2-3 Months
Pepperoni lasts for2-3 Weeks6-8 Months

As for sliced pepperoni, just follow these guidelines:

  • In the pantry, an unopened package of pepperoni can last anything from 4 to 6 weeks.
  • In the fridge, an unopened package of pepperoni can last up to 6 months.
  • In the freezer, an unopened package of pepperoni can last for up to 8 to 9 months if you want to prevent freezer burn and loss of flavor, but will keep in good conditions for much longer than that.

Can you Freeze Pepperoni?

Wait a minute… Freezer? Can you freeze pepperoni?

Yep, and it’s quite easy too!

How to Freeze Pepperoni

can you freeze pepperoni

Freezing pepperoni is a fairly safe and straightforward process that you should be able to do without any trouble.

As with just about any kind of frozen foods, it’s the thawing that you need to be careful with but don’t worry! Simply follow these steps!

Step 1: Slice Your Pepperoni

Follow this step even if you have a pepperoni stick, as freezing pepperoni sticks isn’t advised unless you plan on eating it whole once it thaws.

You might be tempted to create all slices with the same thickness but try to vary it up a little. You’ll see why soon.

Step 2: Split into Batches

Split your pepperoni into batches, storing each one in freezer safe bags or sealable food saver bags.

If you followed our advice and sliced the pepperoni with different thickness, split the baggies according to how thick the slices are.

Don’t forget to write the packaging date and the ‘best by’ date on the baggies before freezing them.

Remember that frozen pepperoni can last for around a year.

How to Thaw Pepperoni

How to Thaw Pepperoni

Thawing pepperoni, and just about any other kind of food, is where the risks come in, so follow these instructions to avoid any food borne illnesses.

Step 1: Choose the Batches You’ll Use

We suggested slicing the pepperoni stick in order to give you more variety to work with. Thicker slices work better with sandwiches while thinner slices work better in pasta salads.

Select only the batches you know you’re going to use.

Step 2: Thaw in the Fridge

Place the chosen baggies in the fridge and leave them there overnight. You can choose to do this one or two days in advance to make sure it’s properly thawed.

Step 3: Cook!

Cook your pepperoni on a large pan or eat it as it is. It doesn’t matter how you eat it as long as you do, as you should never freeze thawed pepperoni.

Easy, isn’t it?

We thought so too!

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Do you have any experience with freezing pepperoni? Share with us in the comment!

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