Cumin Substitute: 5 Great Ingredients You Should Try For Your Recipe

Even though tiny cumin seeds might look quite unassuming, it has peppery and nutty flavour which is simply packed with quite a lot of punch that adds the peppery as well as nutty flavour to Mexican, chilli and other Tex-Mex dishes. In addition, it plays a great role in Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine, wherein the basic and major key components are the curry powder. Also both the ground and whole cumin are easily available all the year-around.

If you check out the cumin seeds, you can see that they somewhat resemble like caraway seeds, which is quite oblong in size and even longitudinally ridged and resembles yellow-brown in color. Here it is not surprising to know that both caraway and cumin along with dill and parsley often belong to the same flora family.

Do you know that the cumin has got excellent health benefits? It has the basic ability to help in improving the immunity, assisting the digestion and even treating respiratory disorder, treating piles, asthama, common cold, bronchitis, anemia, lactation, boils, skin disorders, and even cancer. Of course, there might be various people who really hated seeing the fried or roasted cumin seeds in curries or dishes when they were kid, as it resembled like tiny insects.

But their taste would be something that might have made them to really relish the dish. And this cumin seeds is really a great ingredient for food items of African, Asian, and even Latin American countries.


Health Benefits of Cumin

cumin substitute - health benefits

Even though there are various cumin substitute, still the taste of the cumin is something that ranks among the best food ingredients in Indian, Mexican and Eastern cooking. Of course, you might feel that this is an ordinary food item, but it has got abundance of health benefits. Let’s check some of the health benefits of cumin:

  • Essential Energy And Immune Functionality

Do you know that cumin seeds are one of the best and excellent sources of iron. This so called iron is one of the vital ingredients that plays a major role in our body. Being an integral part of the haemoglobin, this helps in transporting oxygen to the lungs to all the cells of the body. Even it plays a key part in the enzyme system of metabolism and energy production.

  • Good For Digestion

Traditionally, cumin seeds are often used and have the benefit of providing good digestive system. Even there are scientific research that help in supporting the age-old reputation of the cumin. Studies and research show that cumin assists in secreting enzymes like pancreatic, and even compounds the required digestion and the assimilation of the nutrients.

  • Preventing Cancer

It can be surprising to know that cumin seed got anti-carcinogenic properties. There have been studies showing that cumin seeds were given to laboratory animals who were suffering from liver or stomach tumors.

Cumin Substitute: 5 Great Ingredients

If you can't find cumin for your recipe, you should try these 5 best cumin substitutes:

1. Caraway Seeds

cumin substitute - Caraway Seeds

Caraway and cumin are both the part of the parsley family. Also even though they are quite similar in appearance, even their taste is quite similar too. Cumin got a hotter and stronger flavour. You can use the caraway seeds in turn of the cumin seed and even for the replacement of the ground cumin.

2. Ground Coriander

cumin substitute - Ground Coriander

Being another member of the parsley family, the ground coriander is simply another form of spices which can easily modify the flavour of the recipe. Along with having lemony and earthy flavour of the cumin, this lacks the essential heat.

3. ​Chili Powder

cumin substitute - Chili Powder

​Do you know that the cumin is considered as one of the major ingredients used in the chili powder? Plus it is the common substitute to be used in bringing out the flavour of cumin to the recipe.

4. Garam Masala​

cumin substitute - Garam Masala​

Frankly, this is an Indian spice which contains the best and healthy dose of the essence of cumin. Now this is quite similar to the spices like cardamom, coriander, cinnamon, black pepper, nutmeg, cloves, etc. This helps in bringing out the complex flavour which is sweet, earthy, spicy and citrusy. In addition, the color will be same as the cumin, so the appearance of the recipe will be quite similar.

5. Curry Powder​

cumin substitute - Curry Powder​

With regard to the ingredients present in the curry powder, it is one of the best cumin substitute. If you check out the curry powder it contains turmeric, coriander, mustard, ginger, black pepper, fenugreek seed, and even cinnamon. Now this can lead to providing the sweet, earthly, and spicy flavour to the curry powder which is often used in most of the dishes.

Final Thoughts

cumin substitute

Frankly, there are various cumin substitutes that you can use. Most of the ones given above are the basic ones. Cumin substitutes are often used when one cannot find or use the cumin. So, whenever you are making a dish, using the cumin substitute will not alter the texture and the taste of the dish.

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