How To Make Maroon (For Cake, Food)

Have you ever thought about the yummy maroon cake melting in your mouth? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to simply indulge in the ecstasy of a creamy cake that pleases your sweet tooth? If you are one of them, then you really need to know how much wonderful a maroon cake is. But before that, you must really know about how to make a maroon color and how it can be used as a frosting.


What Colors Make Maroon?

It can be surprising to many people that you cannot get canisters of cake in customized colors. And rightly most people really want to know how to make maroon, especially the maroon icing. Frankly, if you are really planning on making a maroon icing on a cake, then it is quite easy.

However, keep in mind that you can’t simply depend on the small and squeezable food dyes that are commonly used for coloring eggs. Such things are not so strong to provide the required dark and vivid burgundy color which you really want. Of course, most of the professional bakers often end up using food color gels. These gels can easily provide more and a better-concentrated type of color. So, it means that there is more in terms of coloring icing when compared to mixing and adding the gel.

How To make Maroon Color For Cake?

How To make Maroon Color For Cake

Now, may people really ponder about how to make a maroon cake? Keep in mind that it is really simple and that too if you have the required ingredients. For making the best maroon color cake, you need the following ingredients – two cups of white icing, a mixing bowl, color gel which is of violet color, a rose pink colored food gel, and spatula.

Firstly, you need to take the rose pink food color gel and drop five drops into a bowl. Along with that add one drop of the violet food coloring gel. Into this mixture, you need to add the two basic cups filled with white icing. Once the mixtures are added, you need to stir it using a spatula so that the color is evenly distributed. Make sure to check, and if you really feel the color is too light as per your requirements, don’t worry.

Just add five to six more drops of the rose pink color food gel and then one to two drops of the violet food coloring gel to the mixture. Keep in mind that you must stop adding any color as soon as you see one shade that matches the required color darkness that you want. Then you need to cover the icing that is prepared and allow it to cool for about one hour. During this period of rest, the color gets to fully develop and darkens.

After that, you must mix the additional icing (white icing) if you feel that maroon icing is getting darkened during the one-hour time frame of cooling. To get more darken color, you can still add four to five more parts of the rose pink food coloring gel to the current mixture of the violet food coloring that is prepared.

How To Make Maroon Icing With Food Coloring?

How To Make Maroon Icing With Food Coloring

If you are planning on how to make maroon icing with any food coloring, then it is not so difficult. Preparing the maroon coloring for any kind of baking decorations consist of mixing a whole amount of concentrated food colored pastes along with the prepared white buttercream icing. If you are using the true red coloring, which is the red-red, then you need to know that it will lead to providing a bitter taste. This is often when you are using it in huge quantities while preparing a cake.

In most cases, you can simply substitute a red no-taste color. Now to prepare a maroon icing using food color, you need certain components like a spoon, red-red icing colorant, white buttercream icing, small bowl, spatula and burgundy icing colorant.

Now before you start to prepare a maroon icing using food coloring, it is better if you start with a small test batch. This will assist in experimenting with the required shade that you want for the final product. Take a heaping spoonful of white buttercream icing and put it into a tiny bowl. Then you need to add the burgundy food color, red-red or the red no-taste at the ratio of about four parts to that of red-red to that of the two parts burgundy.

Now you need to add the required colors slowly by stirring until the required combination is present. Continue to do thus process along with the icing until you are able to get the required and perfect equation of the color maroon that you want.

How To Make Maroon Buttercream Icing?

How To Make Maroon Buttercream Icing

Similar to the above step, you need to have the same ingredients to make a maroon buttercream icing. But here instead of using the red-red icing colorant, you can use other substitutes of the red color. However, you need to ensure that you are able to get the maroon color at the end of the preparation.


If you are a person who really has a sweet tooth, then you are surely going to love the maroon buttercream icing cake. Hey! You don’t require to be a chef to make such delicious cakes. All you need is the enthusiasm to make one and the urge to get the cake melt into your mouth.

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