What Does Rabbit Taste Like: All You Need To Know About Rabbit Meat

Have you ever tried rabbit meat? Do you know what does rabbit taste like? Find the answers below.

Can you really think of how delicious it would taste? Maybe you haven’t given a second thought to it or maybe, whenever you see a beautiful rabbit, a question can spark through your head, “what does rabbit taste like?”

Those questions kept on bugging my mind, until and unless, I gave it a try. That is the reason why I am sharing what I know about this creature.



what is rabbit meat

Only for the ones who literally have no idea, “haven’t you heard of the famous race between a tortoise and rabbit”. If now also, nothing flashed your mind, then I must tell you.

Rabbits are mammals whose legs are strong enough to put them in the list of the fastest animals on this plant. They are purely vegetarian or I must say, they feed on plants and vegetation.


what does rabbit taste like

More or less, a rabbit’s meat tastes like chicken. Many may call it, a little gamy and for some it could be dry. But the one thing you can’t deny is that, it taste’s excellent. Although, wild rabbit’s meat is a bit tougher than pet rabbits. But the meat of young rabbit around 2-3 months, is very tender or soft. The meat of older rabbit is a bit more ‘chewy’ and it requires more cooking.


nutrition benefits of rabbit

Don’t you think there must be a reason to eat a rabbit. So, here I am going to tell you all the benefits of a rabbit.

A 3-ounce roasted rabbit’s meat contains about 167.5 calories and 6.8 grams of fat. This means about 37 percent calories.

A 3-ounce roasted rabbit’s meat contains about 69.7 milligrams of cholesterol, which is less than the amount of cholesterol that can harm our body.

With each 3-ounce, you take 24.7grams of protein, which makes the body to keep on working and also helps in the maintenance of the immune system.

You must be knowing the importance of vitamin B12 in our body. It plays a crucial role in the functioning of central nervous system. About 117.6 percent of the daily requirement of B12 is provided with 3-ounces of roasted rabbit.

A 3-ounce rabbit meat, provides us with 22.4 percent of phosphorus that is daily required by our body.

Rabbit meat also contains a mineral called selenium, which stimulates sperm productions.

Aren’t all these benefits enough to taste it? Isn’t it enough to make it a part of our diet?


People all over the globe eat rabbit’s meat. It is the trendiest food in Britain. In India, after the amendment to food safety laws, it became the fifth largest consuming meat. Polynesia, Australia, New Zealand, all these are world’s largest consumer of rabbit’s meat.


how to cook rabbit meat

It can be roasted in a roaster oven or braised in a stew. One can also add rabbit’s meat to make curry or burger. One should never miss a rabbit’s heart, liver or kidney, because these are most delicious ones.

There are mainly two types of rabbit cooking-

1) Slow cooking of a rabbit’s meat: this slow cooking will help you a lot in finding the real flavor of a rabbit. Slow cooking makes the meat succulent. This process requires cooking of the rabbit for a long period of time at a low temperature, in a submerged liquid. Rabbit’s meat has high connective tissues, and these tissues generally become tough if cooked quickly. Therefore, slow cooking is a very good decision for preparing a rabbit’s meat.

2) Fast cooking of a rabbit’s meat: This process is almost similar to cooking a chicken. In which frying in a pan at a temperature of about 71 C for 20 minutes. The duration for which, rabbit’s meat should be cooked depends on the joint. But as there are very less joints and less fat, therefore it won’t take much time. For enhancing the flavor and to keep the meat moist, roasting on the bone is preferred.


rabbit meat recipe

Many large variety of items are prepared using rabbit’s meat. Many items are so much delicious, that even if they are eaten once, their taste cannot be forgotten.


While working with the meat, your hand must be clean along with the surface. The rabbit’s meat must be always stored at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below it.

Moreover, they must be stored within 2 hours of cooking, in the refrigerator, just like salmon. A rabbit’s meat should always be eaten before 4 days of cooking the meat.

But one thing that can’t be denied is ‘ rabbit’s meat taste fantastic’.

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