What Does Tofu Taste Like: All You Need To Know About Tofu

​Have you ever tried tofu? What does tofu taste like? Do you like it?

Tofu - the name alone invokes thoughts of your vegetarian friends or that yoga chick you know from college. Yeah, you know exactly which one.

Thanks to popular culture, tofu has a rather bad reputation as the kind of food only ‘health nuts’ eat.

In reality, tofu is a fantastic source of protein that you should consider adding to your diet, whether you’re a vegetarian or not. In part because tofu can actually taste pretty good and, in part, because eating more plant-based meals can help not only your health but also the environment.

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Weekday Vegetarianism

Weekday Vegetarianism

Weekday vegetarianism is becoming more and more popular thanks to the efforts of eco-conscious people who recognize that, while meat tastes amazing, it also puts a strain in the environment.

What does weekend vegetarianism mean?

Simple. Eat meat only during the weekend.

Here’s why this is such a good idea:

  • It saves you money, as buying grains and vegetables in bulk is much cheaper than buying meat.
  • It improves your health, as you’ll be eating a variety of veggies and fruits that will supercharge the nutrients in your body.
  • ​It helps the environment, as you’ll minimize the amount of meat you consume, thus, the number of animals that are bred specifically for this purpose.
  • It adds a lot of variety to your plate, it might not look like it (again, thanks pop culture) but vegetarian and vegan dishes can be incredibly varied and delicious. Forget salads! You can still eat lasagna, pizzas, all manners of desserts, and so much more!
  • You can still eat meat! And that’s a fantastic thing about weekday vegetarianism. You don’t have to swear off meat forever. Just for part of the week so if you feel like eating a whole rack of ribs you can still do it!
  • There will be no lack of protein. This is one of the biggest concerns of people when they’re considering adopting a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. While it’s a lie that you’ll lack protein (there are several plants that are packed with it) weekday vegetarianism reduces the concerns, as you’ll still be eating meat!
  • You can still eat eggs and dairy, so no worries about having to say goodbye to cheese.
  • You don’t have to go cold turkey. If five days seems too much for you, start with four! Or three! Or two! The goal isn’t to change your habits from one day to the other, it’s to give the environment a fighting chance by minimizing your meat consumption, however slowly!

If after reading that you’re considering weekday vegetarianism, then tofu is soon going to become one of your best friends.

This soy-bean based product looks like cheese and it’s a staple in many vegan and vegetarian households, thanks not only to its high protein and amino acids content but also to its versatility when it comes to cooking.

What Does Tofu Taste Like?

What Does Tofu Taste Like

That depends on three factors:

- Sensitivity to taste

- Type of tofu

- How the tofu was cooked

Sensitivity to Taste

What Does Tofu Taste Like - sensitive to taste

For most people, raw tofu is pretty tasteless.

However, some people are remarkably sensitive to glutamates, which are what give tofu its flavor. If this is your case, tofu by itself will not only have a noticeable taste but it will also be an unpleasant one.

Type of Tofu

What Does Tofu Taste Like - type of tofu

There are several types of tofu, and while most of them have the same bland flavor on their own, they do have different textures which change the way you experience the food:

  • Soft: This type of tofu is very soft, almost creamy, and it’s usually used for desserts and other sweet dishes.
  • Silken: Firmer than soft tofu, it can be used in soups and is usually used to concentrate the flavor of other dishes.
  • Firm: By far the most popular and commonly used variety of tofu, this is the kind of tofu that’s used for frying. By itself it has an earthy, unami flavor, but it will absorb the taste of any other ingredients its used with.
  • Porous: This tofu is known for its flavor absorbing properties, which makes it perfect for broths and barbeques.
  • Smelly: The only tofu with a noticeable taste by itself, it stinks but it has a fermented flavor that some people love.

How To Cook Tofu

What Does Tofu Taste Like - how to cook tofu

How you cook your tofu is the single most important thing to describe its taste. After all, tofu… absorbs the flavor of other ingredients!

So, the simplest way of answering the popular question ‘what does tofu taste like’ is with a resounding and cheerful: Like the ingredients you’re cooking it with on a pan!

See below video for 3 awesome tofu recipes (easy & vegan)​:

​So you can answer the question "what does tofu taste like" now. Do you have any questions or recipes of tofu? Share with me by leaving a comment. 

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